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22 November 2010

Monday Madness 22 November 2010

It's just another Monday in the van de Rest household with all that it entails. Things like getting up before dawn to take care of critters and Arjan and get us out the door by 7 so we can hit the road to the airport. Then home to get a few chores done, check emails, forums and galleries and catch up on SYTYCD Lage Landen version.

Today's travel was a bit more hectic and longer than usual with an 18km traffic jam but luckily we still got him there in time to catch his flight. For those of you that are unfamiliar with German autobahns let me tell you there is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, like driving at 190kph and having then all of a sudden some absolute moron decides he needs to jump over in the fast lane in front of you. The problem is that he's only moving along at a snail's pace of about 80-100kph. I'll let you do the math. Of course that is Arjan driving at 190kph, most definitely not me, but I found myself getting a bit more adventurous this morning on the way home. I was actually going 160kph instead of my normal 120kph. Arjan was so proud of me when he called. Go Wolfie!

Since Arjan came home a day later than usual due to a crash at Birmingham International on Friday that shut down the airport, (no deaths and the liver made it to the hopsital ready for transplant...way to go emergency crews!), I was able to get all of this weeks housework done on Saturday while I waited for him to get home. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it was to walk into the house and not have hardly any chores to do. Just a quick tidying up of the breakfast dishes and make the bed and I was done and that means I actually get some scrapping, crafting or sewing time in this afternoon. Yes!

Yesterday was the semi-final of SYTYCD for the Lage Landen (the Lowlands which consist of the Netherlands and Belgium), but have to wait to watch on Monday's because I'm a kind wife and let Arjan watch Wegmisbruikers on Sunday nights. Anyway, I'm a SYTYCD junkie really and it was a pretty good show though I must admit I really liked last weeks epsisode much better. I'm quite happy to see that Lorenzo has made it to the finals and I really hope he wins after everything he had to go through this past year after suffering a major injury in the first of last year's liveshows. I may be watching it a day later but I will definitely be casting my vote on Sunday night for Lorenzo.

Not much happening in my email inboxes or the forums I frequent but the galleries are hopping. I just wish I had more time to give comments, but hopefully in the new year I will have settled into married life and our new routines when Arjan will hopefully be done with the UK assignment.

That's about it for today...I'm off to do a little something creative.


marion said...

ik mis je logje............